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“If you lose dollars for the firm by bad decisions, I will be understanding. If you lose reputation for the firm, I will be ruthless.”
                Warren Buffet

"...reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled. "    

              Richard P. Feynman

"Bad human communication leaves us less room to grow. "

             Rowan P. Williams



Part of our planning process is to identify media opportunities that can be utilized to further brand image.  We've included a few of the services we offer in PR, Media Planning and Media Placement.

Public Relations
PR is the external communication a company does to develop a favorable relationship with the public.  As a communication company, England & Company understands the importance of reputation and public trust.  Part of our branding process is to develop a media plan that includes PR as a corner stone of our public communication efforts.

Media Plannng
Good media planning is matching the target audience to the goals, objectives and budget of a company.  We understand the cost, reach, and effectiveness of different advertising vehicles.  Our approach is to research the market, determine and prioritize a company's goals and objectives and match our findings to the most appropriate media.

Media Placement
At England & Company we know that to accomplish your goals and objectives within budget, we need to be expert on multiple media channels and the costs for each.  Our first priority is to meet our clients needs within the budget alloted.  Call us today for a free evaluation of your media plan.

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